Open Gym times are specified hours that are displayed on our schedule that allow our members to come in and workout on their own or do the workout that has been posted for the day. During these hours a trainer will be present for questions and guidance, but will not be coaching the workout. These off peak times are ideal for someone who is unable to make a fitness class or group training session and doesn't want to miss a workout. To learn about what we have available in our facility, click on the "about us" tab in the main menu selection. To learn about what times have been scheduled for Open Gym, click on the "schedule" tab in the main menu selection. Schedule begins in November, so be sure to select November in the schedule calendar to see what's available. Sign ups are required for Open Gym.


Why we require Sign-ups!

To ensure the integrity of our services and your experiences, we are asking our members to sign-up for their sessions / classes in advance.