Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training sessions are programmed and designed to incorporate the physical aspects of fitness, all in a group setting with other people of like minded goals. While the programming is designed for the group as a whole, we understand that many individuals may need modifications or adjustments to some of the exercises. For this reason, our trainers will easily be able to accommodate any member needing a more appropriate exercise at any time. All Group Personal Training sessions will be coached by a professional, certified trainer to ensure safe execution of all exercises, and to help keep you motivated and on track with your fitness goals. Exercise not only needs to be effective, it needs to fun and challenging. Our programming will host a collection of different training styles to keep your body progressing! Free weights, bands, boxes, ropes and even your training partner plus much more will be used in our dynamic group setting whether it's a circuit, a relay, or a bootcamp style session.
All classes including Group Personal Training require you to sign up, so it's important to book your class in advance to ensure your slot and workout.

Why we require Sign-ups!

To ensure the integrity of our services and your experiences, we are asking our members to sign-up for their sessions / classes in advance. A lot of facilities today are very busy with many people trying to get in their gym during peak hours. One of our goals is to create a great exercise experience where you know, not only will you be coached during your workout, but you'll be able to ACTUALLY workout and not be over crowded or asked to compromise your workout. Also by limiting the number of people in one training group, this allows the trainer to better coach and observe our members to be sure you are getting exactly what you need from your workout!